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LesB!aN (^_^) GurLfReN

I'm LESS... Less is More?? ouch Yes!! that's r!ght babeh.... it is actually forbidden in Islam.. but, i still want to share my experience wif u all... i'm so hard head (keras kepala).. well, i love les... uhhh i dont have enough strength to story2 about this bcos it is so sensitive issue!! so hard for me... never mind, for u my DEAR, i will do whatever for u... anything.... !! huh~

Ahhhh berbelit2 lidah ak... nk ckp owg puteh knon;;; eiiii xsedaq diri... hik3... sbb 2 la pnting nya ENGLISH EDUCATION... ahaks! k la.. i try my best.. i have to give some explanation & feedback to all my (LesB!aN (^_^) GurLfReN). Seems like u all want to know the truth about my recognition (pengakuan).. hahaha...

Explain :::
Lesbian & Gurlfren
lesbian berkait rapat dengan hubungan yang dijalinkan antara pmpuan dgn pmpuan..
gurlfren pula dikatakan sebagai kawan pmpuan...
(ecece skema sikit)
As a conclusion, ak sbnr nye nk cter sal mmber2 puan ak kt  mtrik dulu...
huhu giler ko nk berlesbian!! Dilaknat Allah woo!! 
Well tjuk entri ak ni, sje je nk bwt gempaq kan.. hahaha...

Feedback :::

sat noe!! nk g mkn dulu.. lapaq!! this is actually for my "LesB!aN (^_^) GurLfReN"...
azlindah, farahany, fakhriah, atiqah & rasidah..... wait2 ok.. hahaha... nk g mkn nie.. bye umuaaaxx!!


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